Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Equilux Day!

'First Light' Taken by NASA's Newest CERES Instrument on Suomi NPP Here on the east coast we are reaching spring this year with a little less enthusiasm than normal. We've done this already - no jackets outside, flowers blooming, fire up the grill already...  This was six weeks ago in early February. Now, eh, March is very much an anti-climax. Some may even see it with a little trepidation - if February was that warm, what the hell will July feel like this year?
Equilux is all about maintaining balance, and like our climate patterns, we can be sure that our projects and products will continually attempt to knock us off our equilibrium.
These celestial events remind us to re-center our efforts:
- that new project: how does it differ from your other projects, so that you're considering all the relevant risks - technical, business stakeholders, contractual, etc. Re-center yourself and don't become complacent on past experiences.
- that product you're managing - are you balancing the classic venn diagram of business, UX, and technology? Are you maintaining focus both externally and internally?
- that office or client relationship: are you taking it for granted, or are you maintaining it with the right amount of care and feeding?
So take stock of your work-world today, the vernal equinox, and think about what needs re-balancing after the extremes (hot or cold) of the 2016-17 winter.