Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Messaging Apps Vary Widely When It Comes to Privacy - WSJ

Messaging Apps Vary Widely When It Comes to Privacy - WSJ

This article again demonstrates the trade-off users are making when their chat apps offer additional, "intelligent" features and bots. Something, somewhere has to read that text to figure out what you want to do with it. But where that happens can make a big difference - as to who might be able to gain access to that data in malicious ways.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy Equilux Day

Time to Re-Align Your Priorities
Once again, we find our selves on the cusp of the big seasonal change. Between hot and cold, short-sleeves and long-sleeves, green and brown,  light and dark, Heffeweizen and Stout. The shortening daylight at the end of the workday makes it all too obvious that autumn is here in the northern half of the planet.

This is a great point in the year to take stock of things and make sure that we are keeping things in balance, perspective, and properly prioritized. Some areas to consider:

  • your projects - are you balancing the needs of internal (budget) and external (scope, schedule) stakeholders? Do you have the right amount of focus on both short-term project requirements and long-term business and relationship goals? Where do you fall short and where are you over-extended?
  • your products - how are you balancing the needs of users vs. the priorities of business? Are the two aligned and if not, how do you compensate?
  • your life - that's what we're here for. Make sure you keep everything in perspective:  The Six Work/Life Balance Habits Of Resilient People | Huffington Post   Also, Happy-ish is one of my favorite recent discoveries on Netflix. It's a shame it was dropped after one season, and a shame more programs aren't this honest.
 Twice a year, the world aligns in a way to almost perfectly balance day and night, everywhere. Take advantage and do the same in your life, and your career.