Friday, September 21, 2012

Apple: Exhibit 1 in why online mapping isn't a commodity

I don't see "maps" anywhere on this chart....

It's difficult. Significantly enough so that when history's largest-ever corporation decided to build their own system, it has started off with a gigantic, resounding thud. You can't miss the news - even on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

Apple's unusual stumble proves that LBS, navigation and online mapping is a key business driver - one that requires a significant investment in data, programming and expertise. Don't leave home (or go to market) without it...

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  1. great take on why Apple failed:
    "you will notice that (Google) initially tried to automate the entire process and failed miserably, as has Apple. Google learned that you cannot take the human out of the equation. While the mathematics of mapping appear relatively straight forward, I can assure you that if you take the informed human observer who possesses local and cartographic knowledge out of the equation that you will produce exactly what Apple has produced – A failed system. "

    and suggestions on how Apple can move forward: