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FW: Registration for CrisisMappers 2012 now Open!

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Subject: Registration for CrisisMappers 2012 now Open!


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Dear Colleague,

Registration for this year’s International Crisis Mappers Conference | ICCM 2012 October 12 | in Washington DC is now open thanks to our Key Sponsors: The World Bank, ESRI, George Washington University, GeoEye and Ushahidi.

As many of you already know, the CrisisMappers Conference is the leading humanitarian technology event of the year, bringing together the most important humanitarian, human rights, development and media organizations with world's best technology companies, academics, journalists and hackers. Last year's conference in Geneva, Switzerland drew well over 400 active participants to define the cutting edge of humanitarian technology. Major topics in this year's conference will include: Big Data, Social Computing, Crowdsourcing, Communicating with Disaster Affected Communities, Quantifying Veracity, Digital Volunteers, Security and Liabilities, Open Data and Open Source Software.

Please use this link to register for ICCM 2012 by October 1, 2012. Your registration will grant you access to all events on October 12: the Keynotes, Ignite Talks, Reception and Tech Fair. The ICCM 2012 Agenda is available here should you require more information. (Important: If you have already received an email invite to register, please do not use the registration link above, thank you).

Some important links after you register:

To submit an Ignite Talk:

To apply for a space in the Tech & Analysis Fair:

To participate in the pre-conference training (October 11):

If you have any questions on the registration process, payment, application procedure, etc, please contact:

In the meantime, a big thanks to our Key Sponsors: The World Bank, ESRI, George Washington University, GeoEye and Ushahidi.

We look forward to a very productive and fruitful CrisisMappers conference and do hope you’ll be able to join us!

Thank you very much.

Patrick and Jen


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