Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Visualizing your LinkedIn Contacts

Saw this on Google reader - very interesting:

from NRGS Geospatial Blog
Visualizing your LinkedIn Contacts:
"LinkedIn. People like it and people hate it….or in some cases people have no idea what it is. I ignored the first few requests I had to join it – Now I try to add at least a contact a week.

For the uninitiated, It’s Facebook for business…Minus all the pictures of your friends kids and tales of drunken parties.

On the heels of Facebook’s map of users you have this:

Give it a shot at http://inmaps.linkedinlabs.com"

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  1. Just a couple follow-up notes, from some questions I received today on LinkedIn Maps. The graphic created is not spatial in nature - the groupings are similar relationships, not where the contacts are located. So, most of my groupings are related to particular employers - with not as much overlap in between. It is interesting to see the connections that DO overlap - those are particularly well-connected and network-savvy folks.
    The colors are arbitrary - assigned by LI to try and group the connections.