Friday, January 8, 2010

Waze review

I've been using - a freeware turn-by-turn navigation app for smartphones. The company is based out of Israel I believe, where they appear to have a significant market share there.

The unique concept I think waze brings to the table is the nature of the street data: crowd-sourced.

Here's the skinny: I like the app. For the most part, because it's fast and easy to use. In about 15 seconds, while I'm walking out the door, I can program in my destination and hit 'go.' I challenge most PND users to do the same. The biggest reason it's fast: google search. I know i need to go to a UPS store? Hit 'search-google local search-"ups" and you're done.

It's not mission-critical worthy, yet: the street data is suspect at times, and there's an annoying habit to give guidance directions (turn) when the map on the screen obviously wants you to keep going straight. That, and it is a bit unstable on my Nokia N82 means it's not ready for all of your nav needs. However, its a good quick and dirty solution for the most part.

Did I mention the price? No - because there's not one :)

Here's a review - not many of them out there, it seems. I should do one!

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