Tuesday, June 2, 2009

T-mobile charge plan

For some reason or other, I am OBSESSED with paying as little as I possibly can to my cell phone carrier. I generally see them for what they really don't want to be - dumb pipes. Give them as little of your hard-earned cash as you can :)

here's a good overview of T-mobile's rate charges


I saw this service advertised on Facebook today. Although fairly limited in scope, and no provisioning yet for mobile location updates (hook into FireEagle or Lattitude, guys!), it appears to be the kind of thing that could have potential for significant safety & security impacts. I heard Joe Francica speak about the need for things like this at a location conference a while back. Add weather advisories (tornado warnings, etc.) and you've got yourself a real nice piece of work.
I signed-up - lets see what happens...


a nice example of the kind of functionality that would be REALLY helpful on real-estate search sites...