Saturday, May 9, 2009

Geotaging with the N82

I had great success this morning using the N82 to geotag photos from another camera. Here's the workflow:
- install the Nokia Sports Tracker software onto the N82
- under settings, set the GPS filter to 'high' My experience thusfar has been that at lower settings, there really is more data than necessary to geotag with.
- start a track while you're taking photos.
- when finished, you can export your track to a .gpx file
- back at your PC, load the photos and the .gpx file into your machine
- use an application like GeoSetter to synch the photos and the track.

I have been playing with GeoSetter for a week or so now. It is FANTABULOUS. Not just as a geotagging app, but also just as a general metadata app.

here's the finished product:

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